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Our Philosophy

By seeking out the best, most unique raw materials, using the touch of a skilled craftsman, and never cutting corners in the boot making process, we are able to produce the highest of quality in Santa Rosa Brand leather boots.

Value in Tradition

We pride ourselves in sticking to the tried and true techniques of American made craftsmanship while allowing these skills to live in unison with current technology of creating footwear. Most of our process is executed with machinery traditionally used by skilled artisans during the early 20th century, and their passion for the art of shoe making still lives on today.


We believe in keeping the tradition of shoe making a local process. At one time, the U.S. was the largest exporter of footwear in the world, but with the growth of global trade, the industry is only a fraction of what it once proudly was. We are working daily to keep the art of shoe making alive in the U.S. today, and we pride ourselves in passing along the craft to the next generation.


We believe in the metric of quality versus quantity. The human element in our handcrafted process prioritizes the traits of a high quality and truly artisan-made product. We strive to pass along our level of value to you with every leather boot and shoe we create.


With the pride of making things the old-fashioned way, we are constantly striving for new ways to innovate. We source leather and materials that are sustainable, environmentally friendly, and safe for you, while searching for ingenuity in creating products that stand the test of time without compromise.