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At Santa Rosa, we use traditional methods in crafting our footwear. Established in 1906, Santa Rosa Brand was known for its quality and sturdy shoe constructions. Today, we continue to honor this heritage, specializing in handmade product with Goodyear Welted constructions to ensure that we are creating long-lasting, durable footwear. We pride ourselves in using the finest materials meant to stand the test of time, while paying the utmost attention to detail and comfort in every step of the process.

Goodyear Welt Construction

The Goodyear Welt construction is traditionally used because it allows for comfort, durability, and the ability to be resoled. A strip of leather, know as the welt, is sewn to edge of the upper and midsole. Before sewing the final outsole to complete the shoe, the cavity between the outsole and midsole is filled with cork, which serves as a cushion and a way for the shoe to “breathe.” Because of this cork layer in the midsole, the footbed retains the shape of the wearer’s foot, improving fit and comfort. Over time, when the sole wears out, the welt can be undone and a new sole is attached back to the welt, without disturbing the imprinted leather and cork midsole.


Paying attention to the smallest details in sewing is proven to help improve longevity in a boot. We select the perfect gauge thread for each of our unique uppers and use various reinforcements throughout the stitching process. Classic folding and hidden stitch techniques in our silhouettes contribute to function and creativity in each of our products.


All quality boots are built around a carefully crafted foot shaped model known as a “last. " It is the last that gives a boot its fit characteristics and shape. The quality of the lasting, and the time that each upper spends on the last, is crucial in giving all our Santa Rosa products a carefully constructed finished product.


Every one of our products goes through the many steps of handcrafted production, with the finishing process consuming the majority of the effort and time. Each one of our styles is hand-finished and rigorously combed over and tested for any flaws. Proudly and meticulously made in USA, with proper care, our products will wear beautifully over time.