Our History

“Shoes and boots for work and sport.” For over 100 years, Santa Rosa Brand has been cultivating handcrafted leather shoes and boots in timeless silhouettes. The Santa Rosa Brand embodies rugged luxury while honoring its California roots, tradition and history.

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Hand Finished

We believe in quality over quantity. The human element in our handcrafted process prioritizes the traits of a high quality and truly artisan-made product. Our goal is to pass along our level of value to you with every leather boot and shoe we create.


Original Goodyear Welt

At Santa Rosa Brand, we use traditional, tried and true methods in constructing our footwear. Since the inception of the brand in 1906, we have specialized in handmade leather shoes and boots with Goodyear welted constructions, to ensure that we are creating long lasting and sustainable footwear. We pride ourselves in using the finest materials meant to stand the test of time, while paying the utmost attention to detail and comfort.